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About Us

20+ years Local services, we are here for you.

We personally service and take care of your computer & mobile.

You can be sure that your PC or Mobile Phone will be carefully fixed or built with the highest quality parts, tested to meet our stringent Quality Assurance measures. When you make your purchase, you’re not only buying the technology, you also buy the knowledge, expertise and service  available at local shop 6 Days a week.


Desktop PC Build and Repair

You can be sure that your PC will be carefully built or fixed with the highest quality parts, tested to meet our stringent Quality.

We can transfer your Old PC Operating System to new PC

Laptop Repair

Laptop screen & keyboard replacement and motherboard micro-chip  repair.

We can help set up your computer and configure it to your liking as well as fixing or troubleshoot any issues concerning it

Mobile Phone and iPad Repair

Mobile Phone and iPad screen replacement, water damage logic-board repair and date recovery

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On-Site IT Services

Troubleshooting computer and networking for home & small busniess is another one of our expertise, you name an issue and we will give you a quick solution.